The Master’s Palace: A Chronology of Violence and Hope (Gospodarska palata: hronologija nasilja i nade). Cetinje: Crnogorsko društvo nezavisnih književnika (CDNK), 2004.


Story Collection / Fiction / Crime Story

Library: Contemporary Montenegrin Prose

Designed by Djuro Djedović

Format: Paperback, 179 p.



The Maiden Rock (Momin kamne)

The Master’s Palace (Gospodarska palata)

The Gazebo (Paviljon)

Tree Visions of M.S. (Tri vizije M.S.)

Dream Within a Dream (San u snu)



The Maiden Rock

Tree Visions of M.S.


Throughout the whole of The Master’s Palace the author draws the so-called extreme conditions of human consciousness to the surface, offering up a parade of hate and suffering, decline and brutality. Indeed, she builds the stories around the leitmotif of human suffering – as the constant of life and literature that is repeatedly embodied in every new life-story, ambushing even those certain they are able to escape it.

Bogić Rakočević, writer

Dream-like Connections

Montenegrin Literary Magazine (2005)