The Blue Mountain: For All the Curious Looking For a Great Adventure (Modra planina: za sve radoznale u potrazi za velikom avanturom). Belgrade: Kreativni centar, 2015.


Fairy Tale / Collection / Dialogue / Drama

Library: STAGE (Pozornica)

Illustrated by Kosta Milovanovic

ISBN: 978-86-529-0190-6

Format: Paperback, 82 p.



New Wooden Rudder I Sale (Kormilo drveno novo prodajem)

The Blue Tree (Plavo drvo)

The Dragon of the Rock (Zmaj od Hridi)

Go to the Right, Three Steps to the Left (Kreni desno, tri koraka levo)

In the Window (U izlogu)

The Grim Fearsome (Mrgud Strasni)

Love Misery of One Compass (Ljubavni jadi jedne busole)

Dream Catcher (Hvatac snova)

The Blue Mountain (Modra planina)




The Blue Mountain is featured by original and modern approach, by appearance of numerous new heroes unknown to the literary genre of fairy tale, as well as by processing of old literary theme such as love or fear in a new way.  The author creates from fantasy and dreams her unique artistic world.

Dr. Sofija Kalezic

 “The Blue Mountain and the other fairy tales by Dragana Krsenkovic Brkovic”

In: Vaspitanje i obrazovanje, Podgorica ( 2015)