The Genie of Lake Manito (Duh Manitog jezera). Podgorica : Zavod za udzbenike i nastavna sredstva (ZUNS), 2010.


Fairy Tale / Collection / Dialogue / Drama

Library: ZUBLJA

Designed by Suzana Pajovic

ISBN: 978-86-303-1447-6

Format: Hardback, 156 p.



The Genie of Lake Manito (Duh Manitog jezera)

The Boy With Magic Fingers (Djecak sa carobnim prstima)

The Hidden Treasure of the Little Troll (Skriveno blago malog Trola)

The Legend About Zoro (Legenda o Zorou)


Durkovic, Nadja: Magic Fingers of Dramatic Fairy Tales by Dragana Krsenkovic Brkovic (Carobni prsti dramskih bajki Dragane Krsenkovic Brkovic)



In four new Krsenkovic Brkovic’s fairy-tale dramas, the author makes good and evil meet in a typical fairy-tale manner and weaves the resulting conflict into different scenarios: into a mystical underwater world adventure, a Scandinavian saga,  a Zorro-legend, and the present time, in which the son of a business magnate fights for a more just society. Thanks to their dialogue form and their classical dramatic structure of exposition, rising action, climax, and resolution, the texts achieve a quality of immediacy that makes them resemble fantasy film sequences; thus they create an enormous reading-mealstrom that readers can hardly resist.


White Ravens 2011:

A Selection of International Children’s and Youth Literature

Internationale Jugendbibliothek, Munich